Graduate Women in Robotics Community

We at MIT seek to build a tighter-knit women in robotics community across departments at the Institute.  This is open to all female-identifying graduate students, post-docs, faculty etc. roboticists affiliated with MIT. 

The idea is to create a discussion space and to organize future events. For example, have you ever wanted to ask the following?

  • Here's a cool fellowship opportunity!
  • Anyone traveling to conference X and want to room together?
  • Can anyone help me with specific topic X?
  • I’d like a safe space to rant about awful thing X.
  • Could someone give feedback on a paper? 

Subscribe to the list here ( Membership to the list is moderated. 

Recent events include Women in Robotics lunches with speakers from the Robotics@MIT Seminar, a casual hangout at the Muddy and a bowling night! We are looking forward to continuing these types of events as well as engaging in outreach within the community.